After 20 years of existence, a messenger app that connects friends, family and random people from all over the world, “Yahoo Messenger” will bid farewell to its users in July.

The company explains that while it constantly experiments with new services and apps, there currently isn’t a replacement product for Yahoo Messenger.

Users have until July 17 to get their fix of Yahoo Messenger, as they will not be able to access their chats after that, states Yahoo on its website.

However, it recommends its users to try its invite-only group messaging app Yahoo Squirrel that is currently in beta testing. You can request for an invite at

First, they have to go to the download request site and sign in. After selecting a verification method, users need to enter the Account Key sent to them. Then click download and wait for the file to be sent to your e-mail.

The website also states that the termination of Yahoo Messenger will not affect its other services like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Fantasy and more.

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