As global economy continues to digitize and transform women seem to suffer from persistent inequalities which even deepen on a daily basis. Women disproportionately hold jobs susceptible to automation whereas fields with employment growth are characterized by low female representation.

When it comes to food preparation, a number of innovations would go a long way towards simplifying the culinary process. The benefits of smart technology are compounded exponentially by the presence of other connected devices. Obviously, when multiple appliances operate under the same ecosystem, each one is able to extend its benefits. For women to fully reap the benefits of digital dividend there is need to find ways to weaken and break down the barriers that hold them back and also to amplify how it works.

The spread of technology has made it possible for creativity and innovation to soar higher. Technology companies are helping to improve the lives of millions of women through better access to markets, knowledge and networks. Yet gender inequality persists as a digital divide in many countries of the world. It is on record that women are often saddled with the responsibility of taking care of household chores which end up taking up most of their productive time. Research has shown that an average woman spends about 7.6 hours a week cooking compared to the men folk who spend less than that a week. What it simply means is that smart home should be designed bearing in mind the female user who uses the kitchen often. LG NeoChef Microwave Oven brings newer and richer cooking experience, which can efficiently and effectively reheat and defrost food thereby helping the female folks reduce time that would ordinarily be spent on cooking and makes it easier for them to prepare delicious meals. Female folks who are on the lookout for advanced culinary products will be able to find the ones that will enhance their cooking experiences with LG Gas Cooker that can help them prepare meals within a twinkle of an eye.

Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Taeick Son said: “We are deliberately focusing on our esteemed female consumers in commemoration of the United Nations International Women’s Day which comes up every March. In LG we are gender friendly that is why we have designed products would naturally appeal to the female consumers. Some the products include washing machines, microwave oven, vacuum cleaners, laptops etc.”

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