The eCommerce MoneyAfrica Confex conference that took place recently in Cape Town was filled with many talks and discussions around e-commerce and fintech solutions in Africa.

Most notably was the panel discussion on the first day, which consisted of CEO of Zando SA, Sascha Breuss; CEO at ZoobaShop, Albert Biga; MD MENA of Criteo, Dirk Henke and country manager for Gumtree, Johan Nel.

The panel fielded questions from the host and editor at Ventureburn, Graham van de Made, around issues relating to trust within the e-commerce industry as well as who they thought were the driving forces behind e-commerce at the moment and many others.

“What you find here in SA is significantly different to what you’ll find in West Africa,” said Biga, who’s experience largely relates to West Africa.

“There are some historical and legacy issues from the fact that we have politicians and leaders that are part of the problem of trust. You’ll also find that in Wes Africa, ID systems are not that solid,” Biga continued.

Johan Nel also commented on issues relating to trust, but more from a general consensus. “Trust is larger than trust between peers and people who are trading, it’s actually trusting in this whole ecosystem…We can now see that there is a trust factor when transacting over the internet.”

However, Biga pointed out that trust is a two-way street.

“You’ll find that customers do very stupid things sometimes online that they don’t do offline…they have to do the same, if not more due diligence.”

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