Google is about to launch a new Gmail design in the coming weeks. The new look, largely inspired by the recent update to its mobile app, will come with more Google Calendar integrations.

Gmail for the web is getting a fresh redesign that will bring it closer to what its most recent Gmail for mobile app looks like. The new look is set to become available to web users in the coming weeks after being tested inside Google for the time being. But you won’t have to wait to discover the new design – thanks to exclusive screenshots obtained by The Verge.

The new Gmail brings subtle design updates, but most importantly, it introduces several new features for web users – as well as a stronger integration with Google Calendar:

  • Smart replies are coming to Gmail for the web. The feature is already available in the mobile app and helps you reply to messages with AI selected short replies.
  • A new snooze feature lets you temporarily remove emails from your inbox until you are ready to go through them and reply.
  • The new sidebar lets you take notes, set tasks, or manage your Google Calendar, without having to leave Gmail.

The redesign also comes with three new layouts that let you decide whether to highlight attachments like documents and photos,  or a more compact view, to show more messages on a single page.

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