Fans of Stranger Things are in for a treat, as Netflix has released a game based on the series. Stranger Things: The Game drops you in the thick of things in sleepy Hawkins, Indiana. But as anyone who has watched the show will know, Hawkins isn’t as sleepy as it would at first appear to be.

Stranger Things has been the pick of Netflix’s original shows so far. There are other Netflix Originals we can’t live without, but Stranger Things is a special kind of awesome. With Stranger ThingsSeason 2 set to debut just in time for Halloween, all we need now is a game to go with it…7 Awesome Netflix Originals You Should Watch ASAP 7 Awesome Netflix Originals You Should Watch ASAPDespite only producing its own content for a short period of time, Netflix has created some fantastic original shows. Here are seven Netflix Originals we recommend you watch as soon as possible.READ MORE

Play Stranger Things on Your Smartphone

As if by magic that’s exactly what we have got, with Stranger Things: The Game now available to play. Stranger Things: The Game is available on Android and on iOS, is completely free to play, and contains no in-app purchases. Which is an extremely rare beast these days.

Stranger Things: The Game was developed by BonusXP and published by Netflix. And it’s all about promoting Stranger Things Season 2, coming to Netflix on October 27, 2017. This explains why it’s a free download, but it doesn’t explain why it’s so good. And it is very, very good.

Stranger Things: The Game looks, sounds, feels, and plays like a 16-bit era RPG. You can play as any of the iconic characters from the show, and wander around various locations including The Upside-Down. There are puzzles to solve, quests to complete, and Eggos and Gnomes to collect.

You can download Stranger Things: The Game on Android and on iOS right now. And despite its promotional nature, the developers have promised to keep updating the game long after Stranger Things Season 2 has landed on Netflix. Which strongly suggests there’s going to be a Season 3.

This Is Mobile Gaming at its Best

Most mobile games leave me cold. Either because they downright suck, or they’re stuffed full of in-app purchases designed to empty your wallet. Stranger Things: The Game is, therefore, a rare beast that stands out from the crowd. Which is enough to make me forget it’s only a promotional tool.




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