The Lagos State Government said it had begun dismantling and removing abandoned and substandard communication masts compromising the safety of residents across the state.
Mrs Olayemi Oni, general manager, Lagos State Infrastructure Maintenance and Regulatory Agency (LASIMRA), said the measure was to ensure safety and remove environmental hazards.

She said the agency was reaching out to organisations and property owners to ensure they complied with the new standards.Oni said that the agency was working on generating an up to date database of telecommunication companies and facilities as well as ensuring compliance with environmental and safety rules for the overall well being of residents.

She explained that the agency was interacting with as well as offering the necessary advice to various communications industry stakeholders and other firms, who had assets and facilities that required supervision.

She told the newsmen that the hollow masts being phased out were substandard and the ones that were susceptible to falling off easiest and causing various degrees of accidents that could compromise the safety of residents.

She said that the state had removed 16 of the hollow masts and was giving time to some companies, who had written for extension of time to replace the masts with the recommended hot galvanized steel masts.

“We are targeting the hollow masts, there is a particular specification that Lagos State has given.“When your mast does not meet the standard, we advise the owners to relocate because all these masts have telecommunication equipment on them and then, we do not want to disrupt organization’s work because they are using it for operations.

“Lagos State has abolished hollow masts for hot galvanized steel,” she said.She said that the enforcement was on and several organizations were complying.Oni listed ongoing projects to include network audit of underground utilities, enumeration, site inspection and standard compliance of surface communications infrastructure, among others.LASIMRA is the agency saddled with the responsibility of regulating utility infrastructure in public space in Lagos.


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