Following a Wall Street Journal report that Instagram will support longer videos of up to an hour in length, TechCrunch has heard it’s planning a new hub for pro content. Similar to Facebook’s Watch or Snapchat’s Discover page the dedicated space would host shows and music videos in up to 4K resolution, and apparently just like Verizon’s Go90 effort — primarily formatted for vertical viewing.
There’s no word on how revenue for content creators might work, but the videos can support links to other sites where people can sell their merchandise. It’s also unclear whether this will become a part of the existing Explore page, or something entirely new by itself. Sure, Snapchat already had Discover, but this time the source of Facebook’s “inspiration” looks like an ongoing desire to compete with the likes of YouTube, and it can promise video makers an audience of hundreds of millions. TechCrunch said an announcement could take place June 20th, so stay tuned.


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