Have you always thought about becoming a beauty blogger?
Have you always had passion for beauty but you never really knew how or where to start? Here are some tips on how to become a successful beauty blogger.

1. Find your niche

Find something that is unique about you and something that you are good at. For example maybe you have beautiful long hair that you can use so you can make hairdos or maybe you are artistic and you make beautiful nail art. Find your calling and stick to it.

2. Have a theme

Once you determine your niche the next thing you should do is decide on a theme for your profile. Think about how you would like your profile to look like, the colors the style of the pictures that you post, everything should be consistent with your theme. Sometimes we have a clear picture in our head about how we want things to be and sometimes we don’t. Take your time and make a few drafts before you reach your decision if you are unsure.

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3. Quality over quantity

The most important thing is to post your own original, unique work. Don’t do anything halfheartedly and do your very best in every work that you do. Your followers will appreciate you much more if they see the very best of your work every third day than seeing an okay done makeup or hairstyle every day.

4. Learn from the best

You should follow some famous beauty bloggers in your branch. It just opens so many options for you. You can get some ideas from their blogs and explore their content and see which posts got them the most likes and engagement. While exploring for ideas is fun you should stick to your own work and not try to copy theirs. Besides exploring their blog you should get involved a leave some thoughtful comments of their work that you like. A couple of nice thoughtful words can lead you a long way.

5. Brand collaborating

There are a few different ways to collaborate with brands. They can send you products to review, you can write a sponsored post where they will pay you to write about them, brand ambassadorship or via an affiliate program.

Brand ambassadorship can bring you a monthly wage but only really works for bloggers who have thousands of followers.

An affiliate program is a good way to earn some money at any stage of your blogging – this is when you feature a product and if someone purchases it from clicking on your blog, you receive a percentage for what is sold.

We hope these tips help you in increasing your followers and Instagram engagement. By Faisal Rauf

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  1. Great tips for beauty bloggers! 😀 Collaborating is always a big opportunity 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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