Google’s Pixel 2 Proves Apple Was Right About Headphone Jacks All Along

Google has become the latest company to adopt a trend started by a fierce rival. At yesterday’s San Francisco keynote, the tech company took a leaf out of Apple’s book and revealed that its Pixel 2 smartphone will do away with the headphone jack no one could seemingly live without just a year ago.

 And to think we were all laughing at Apple’s decision to get rid of the headphone jack on its iPhone 7 last year. Does anyone remember the shade thrown at Apple in Google’s ad for the first Pixel? Check it out below (around 42 seconds in):

Since Apple’s decision, HTC, Motorola and the Essential phone have also followed suit and dropped the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack from their devices.

In a time where Apple has been criticized for no longer leading the charge in tech innovation and instead choosing to perfect existing technologies, the Cupertino based company has pulled off a coup by completely changing the landscape of smartphone design.

Ridiculed just over a year ago, Apple has proven yet again that it knows best when it comes to what direction the industry should be moving in. Whether or not its hardware beats out the competition is another issue, and often comes down to the user’s personal preference.

But in forcing Google, HTC and Motorola to follow in its footsteps, Apple once again has the upper hand. It remains to be seen how many other companies jump on the bandwagon, especially since Apple’s biggest competitor in Samsung has yet to release its Galaxy S9 and 9 Plus models, while Google has chosen to only remove the headphone jack on one of its two flagship devices.

What makes this development even sweeter for iPhone fans is that the backlash last year and the overwhelming negativity towards the announcement makes us all look a little foolish.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to jump on the hate bandwagon next time…

In related news Google has developed a pair of earbuds that will make you a linguistic expert.



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