There are many beautiful tourists sites in Ghana hidden but begging to be found and patronized.

There are many businesses, small-scale enterprises operating in the dark waiting for cheaper, a better place to announce their presence and their services.

If you are neither a tourist nor a business owner, you, at least, must have organized or attended a high or low profile wedding, social gathering at an obscure place around town with other attendees roaming and sweating just to find the location of the programme.

A new app developed by young Ghanaian entrepreneurs, Salim Masud and Samuel Silas Nii Aryittey Okai is meant to provide an amazing new solution to all these three dilemmas with just a download.

The app –Finde- creates the platform for tourists sites to be advertised while providing prospective patrons, a never to be missed direction to the location of the site. For entrepreneurs, Finde, allows businesses to be registered on the platform with basic descriptions of what the company stands for, directions to the business and services provided.

With the App, organizers of events, big or small, public or private, now have an easier job of announcing their events while providing directions to patrons.

In an interview with, one of the co-founders Salim Masud said “The purpose of the App is to support local businesses in Ghana, mostly SMEs, to reach out to their clients, customers or consumers. The use of the GPS enables customers to easily locate these businesses and also get to know more about the activities of these businesses, due to the details that are added to the GPS location.”

Built several months ago, Finde has also attracted a number of companies, including Integral Marine Ghana Limited,  QS Travel, and Tour, Quick Star Driving School, Pax Clinic, NatCann Suit tailors etc. There are also a number of events, including a fun trip to Acqua Safari which has been held already, including wedding invitations.

Finde also has a list of tourism sites including some Safaris, mountains, waterfalls, cottages, national parks castles etc.

The App works by allowing users to create various locations- businesses, events, tour and private- using the title of these locations, descriptions, images, and GPS of these locations, that can be saved on the App for private or public access; where with the public access every individual on the app can access them, but for private access it is limited to a specified group of individual- limited by the user creating the location.

Information on the App can be shared through various social media platforms- enhance the usage of social media as a medium of promoting businesses, events, and tourism- as a PDF output, as a link to the page created on the App or as a QR code. The QR code can be placed on hard copy documents like billboards, call cards, flyers, and brochures, amongst others; which has been duly patented. The QR code is also applicable for the embedding product details.

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