Facebook reportedly plans to merge WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger chats

The New York Times is reporting that Facebook plans to combine messaging services across its applications, merging chats from WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. A WhatsApp user would be able to start a chat with an Instagram user, breaking down barriers between Facebook’s social platforms. A Messenger user would be able to send an end-to-end encrypted conversation […]


How to become a successful beauty blogger

Have you always thought about becoming a beauty blogger? Have you always had passion for beauty but you never really knew how or where to start? Here are some tips on how to become a successful beauty blogger. 1. Find your niche Find something that is unique about you and something that you are good […]

4 Simple Ways to Become an Instagram Influencer

Becoming an Instagram Influencer is not that challenging as it seems, if you follow certain basic rules and principles. There are thousands of people in every segment competing to be an influencer on Instagram. Here are few tips that will help you become an influencer on Instagram: Focus on Rich content Rich content will help […]

Young Nigerian, Chimdindu Aneke Joins Facebook As Head Of Startups, Developers

Facebook (FB) has snatched a young Nigerian by name Chimdindu Aneke as Developer and Startup Programs Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa. Though no official statement has been released by Facebook, however, the excited Aneke took to his page to announce the development, adding that Africa’s journey is just 1% finished. His post: “I am highly adrenalized […]

Twitter Launching Personalized News Features, More Robust Search and Revamped Moments Section

Twitter today announced several changes to the desktop and mobile Twitter experience to make relevant breaking news, events, and stories easier to discover. Going forward, the Explore section of Twitter will be organized using topic tags so users can more quickly see what’s happening in news and entertainment and what’s most relevant to them. Twitter is also […]

Instagram’s curated video hub could launch June 20th

Following a Wall Street Journal report that Instagram will support longer videos of up to an hour in length, TechCrunch has heard it’s planning a new hub for pro content. Similar to Facebook’s Watch or Snapchat’s Discover page the dedicated space would host shows and music videos in up to 4K resolution, and apparently just […]

An IIT-Delhi graduate may be in the running to become WhatsApp’s CEO

WhatsApp, the world’s largest messaging service, is currently looking for a new CEO, and there could be an Indian in the running for the corner office. On April 30, WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum resigned from Facebook, which owns the messaging app, following disagreements over the privacy of user data. Among the frontrunners to take over […]

Facebook says it has a tool to detect bias in its artificial intelligence

Tech companies relying on artificial intelligence that allows them to serve billions of users are slowly acknowledging that those same algorithms can be biased against those who aren’t white, wealthy, or male. Facebook announced Wednesday (May 2) that it’s testing a tool called Fairness Flow, an internal project that allegedly can determine whether a machine […]

Twitter is telling all of its users to change their passwords

If you came to this article from Twitter—stop reading. Go to your settings and change your password. (And then come back.) Twitter announced today (May 3), that the passwords of every account—all 336 million of them—had been exposed in an internal log. There’s no indication that anyone’s passwords have been stolen or misused, but in […]

Facebook wants to measure the cost of internet shutdowns on Africa’s informal economy

Government-ordered internet shutdowns are becoming longer and more frequent across Africa, undermining productivity and costing nations jobs and much-needed income. Yet despite the costly nature of these disruptions, it has been hard to accurately estimate the impact blackouts have on citizens and economies in general. A new study, backed by Facebook, wants to go beyond […]

WhatsApp CEO’s Early Facebook Exit Could Cost Him $1 Billion

Jan Koum’s exit from Facebook Inc. could prove costly. A speedy departure may prevent him from collecting as much as $1 billion in stock awards. The chief executive officer of messaging unit WhatsApp confirmed in a Facebook post-Monday afternoon that he was leaving the company. The announcement comes before the final three vesting dates of restricted […]

What Is Vero True Social? 9 Things to Consider Before Joining

If you’re a regular user of Instagram, you’ve probably heard of Vero by now. It’s a social media app that promises to deliver a whole new experience to its users—one that’s ad-free and “truly social” and where people don’t feel pressured to share things that others will “like” but instead can be honest about their […]

Fake news has made it to Snapchat

It seems no social network is truly safe from the scourge of disinformation. A message has been appearing around Snapchat, pretending to be from the team behind the app, telling users if they don’t save this message and send it to all their friends, all their photos stored in their Memories would be wiped, Business Insider reported […]

Amazon Launches ‘Internet,’ A Light Web Browser Designed For Android Users In India

In its effort to capitalise on the huge market potential in India, Amazon has launched ‘Internet,’ a light-weight mobile web browser for Android phones.  India is the country with the second-largest group of internet users in the world, and tech companies are working hard to find ways to reach those users with their apps and […]

You Can Now Upload Multiple Photos And Videos At Once On Instagram Stories

Instagram is introducing a few updates that will make it easier and faster to share more in Stories – one of these is the ability to upload multiple photos and videos at once. Starting today, you can now upload multiple photos and videos to your Instagram Stories – all at once. This update will make it […]

The Scariest Thing About Facebook Isn’t Even How It Treats Your Data

Its power to influence users makes Facebook a tool for “mass population control,” and Mark Zuckerberg’s utopian goals only increase the danger. Mark Zuckerberg’s marathon date with Congress is over. It might as well never have happened. For two days, Facebook’s CEO stuck to his bland talking points, claimed a degree of ignorance about his company’s operations that strains credulity, […]

Facebook’s facial recognition tech could cost it billions of dollars in fines

If you thought Facebook was already having a bad couple weeks, a federal judge just reminded us that things could get a whole lot worse for the company. A judge in San Francisco ruled Monday that Facebook users in Illinois can proceed with a class action suit against the company over its use of facial […]

Instagram Will Soon Let You Download Your Data

In response to the European GDPR privacy legislation coming into effect next month, Instagram is building a “data portability” tool that will allow you to download a copy of what you’ve shared on the platform. In a recent TechCrunch post, Josh Constine talked about how Instagram lacked “data portability” – the ability of users to […]

“English not Swahili”: The ill-placed call from a US senator on rewriting Facebook’s user terms

For two days, Facebook’s chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg faced tough questions from US lawmakers in the wake of revelations that data firm Cambridge Analytica improperly accessed the information of 87 million Facebook users. During a joint hearing of the Senate judiciary and commerce committees, senator John Kennedy of Louisiana criticized Facebook’s user agreement saying it “sucks.” Kennedy lamented […]

Twitter: 1 million accounts suspended for ‘terrorism promotion’

Twitter said Thursday it has suspended over one million accounts for “promotion of terrorism” since 2015, claiming its efforts have begun to make the platform “an undesirable place” to call for violence. In its latest transparency report, Twitter said it suspended 274,460 accounts between July and December 2017 “for violations related to the promotion of […]

Facebook scandal ‘hit 87 million users’

Facebook believes the data of up to 87 million people was improperly shared with the political consultancy Cambridge Analytica – many more than previously disclosed. The BBC has been told that about 1.1 million of them are UK-based. The overall figure had been previously quoted as being 50 million by the whistleblower Christopher Wylie. Facebook […]

Facebook’s mission changed, but its motives didn’t

In January, Facebook announced that it would be changing its feed algorithm to promote users’ well-being over time spent browsing content. That’s a relatively new approach for a company whose ethos once centered around “move fast, break things.” It wasn’t all that long ago (approximately a year and a half before the algorithm change) that […]

WhatsApp launches new service to target SMEs

Social media platform, WhatsApp has launched a new service, WhatsApp Business, aimed at small businesses that have thus far been using their accounts, a move that brings it closer to monetising its free platform. While the focus, at present, is to get small businesses on the platform for free, the firm plans to charge them […]

Facebook targets female entrepreneurs in Nigeria with new initiative

social media platform, Facebook has unveiled an initiative, #SheMeansBusiness, designed to inspire and train female entrepreneurs across the country to build, grow and start their own businesses. Facebook noted that in a recent study conducted by Development Economics on behalf of the platform, it is estimated that businesses set up by women in Nigeria over […]

So this is all Zuckerberg has to say as he On The Facebook Scandal?

Well since my last post on the Facebook Data sharing Scandal, I have been on the lookout for an official response to this from its founder and finally, Mark Zuckerberg has come out in defense of his social media company. In a recent Facebook post, he disclosed some of the steps they have taken in trying […]

The real story is Politics Not Business Facebook Loses $37 billion in Share Value as The Stock Market Reacts to A Data Sharing Scandal

From the time you had “free” services search engines and free mail, data has always been treated like a commodity that can be paid for. Facebook’s mess could be a taste of the oncoming conflicts between governments and consumers or vice versa as the world moves into an era where data would be as valuable […]

I Just Don’t Like Facebook, Gives Me the Willies: Elon Musk on Deleting SpaceX, Tesla Pages

Well amidst the Facebook data sharing scandal that has already cost Facebook about $37 billion and as the #DeleteFacebook movement also goes on, Elon Musk added pepper to the injury after Facebook pages of SpaceX and Tesla disappeared minutes after Musk responded to a comment on Twitter calling for him to take down the official […]

Mark Zuckerberg Started this January 2018 with $4Billion

As at just 10-days into the new year and according to Bloomberg‘s billionaires list, Facebook founder Mark Zucckerberg had already made $4 Billion. The report says, ‘major market indices are up 2% year-to-date, continuing the major stock gains of last year. Among those profiting from the continued stock surge is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The […]

Here’s How to Check If Facebook 3rd-Party Apps Have Access to Your Personal Information

In light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it’s a good idea to do an audit on your data.   The personal information of as many as 50 million Facebook users may have been obtained by political research firm Cambridge Analytica, according to an expose by The New York Times and The Guardian. Users of Facebook are regularly asked […]

Report: WhatsApp is testing P2P payments in India, beta rolling out this quarter

Following murmurs from last April about WhatsApp gearing up to allow payments in India, FactorDaily reports that Facebook employees in the country are presently testing the new functionality in the messaging app, and that the company plans to begin testing it with about 1 percent of its user base there within the first quarter of this […]

Facebook quietly launches Mac and PC Workplace Chat apps with screen share

TechCrunch has discovered that Facebook has stealthily launched official desktop PC and Mac chat apps with screen sharing — two features users have been begging for. Right now, they’re only available for Facebook Workplace, its enterprise collaboration software that competes with Slack and other business apps. But users would surely enjoy if the consumer Messenger […]

AOL Instant Messenger is shutting down on December 15th

It’s the end of an era. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is officially shutting down on December 15th, Oath announced this morning. AIM started out as the built-in chat application in America Online’s desktop client, but it really took off after it was broken out as a separate application in 1997. The app, and it’s iconic […]

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