Microsoft Finally Agrees to Replace Surface Pro 4s With Horrible Screen Flickering That Can’t Be Patched

Microsoft has finally called a mulligan and will just replace Surface Pro 4 models that are experiencing screen flickering that makes the tablet-laptop hybrids unusable, Ars Technica reported. According to a Microsoft blog post, the company has determined that flickering issues that plagued numerous users—some of who resorted to drastic and ill-advised solutions like throwing […]


Bill Gates now uses an Android phone (See Why)

Bill Gates is using an Android phone now. This is the final straw for Windows Phone. I don’t know how you can still consider Windows Phone a thing anymore — when Microsoft’s founder is using an Android device. He is likely using a custom Galaxy S8 with plenty of Windows software loaded on it, a […]

Security flaw allows hackers to open malicious websites on Windows 10

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana could help hackers infect a computer running Windows 10 with a virus. A pair of independent Israeli security researchers found the major security flaw last week. By giving simple voice commands, they found they could install malware and launch websites from computer’s lock screen. The hack works because Windows 10 allows […]

How to easily create VPN account and Install it on Windows

PureVPN offers some great features, including a “Virtual Router” within Windows, that allows you to convert your Windows-based desktop or laptop into a virtual router and use it to connect up to 10 devices. They also offer 500 servers with unlimited switching, and unlimited data transfers, all at a reasonable price. We recommend reading our […]

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