Becoming an Instagram Influencer is not that challenging as it seems, if you follow certain basic rules and principles. There are thousands of people in every segment competing to be an influencer on Instagram.

Here are few tips that will help you become an influencer on Instagram:

Focus on Rich content

Rich content will help you get noticed and improve your overall profile visibility. First, you need to invest in a good camera. If your phone has one, it will work as well. Always take pictures in natural lightening and avoid the use of flash. Your content should be engaging and should have the power to make emotional connection with your audience.

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Quality over quantity

Most people have habit of posting multiple times every day just to get an attention from the audience and get more number of likes and followers. This strategy is wrong, you should focus on what you are posting rather than how much you are posting. Too much of irrelevant posting can make you look like a spammer and may irritate your audience.

Be a Story teller

Your posts should mean something, it should tell a story in a way that your audience is hooked up to you all the time. Your posts should be more than just talking about different products. Don’t be afraid to get open about your background.

Become your own audience

Become a critic of your own posts. Before posting, just imagine if you would like this post, if it’s not yours. Ask yourself if you would like that post as an audience when viewed on Instagram? This will help you in improving your content and you can focus on deep content engagement. By Faisal Rauf


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