Apple has lagged behind Google in letting us know where and when we are going. And I’m not talking about the whole Google Maps vs. Apple Maps slugfest either. Rather, the simple act of checking on your flight status.

There are two ways to track a flight in the air that are baked into iOS. The first has existed for some time from iOS 9 onwards and takes you through the Messages app on your phone. The second method has arrived with iOS 11 and utilizes the Safari browser.What is the Best Mobile Flight Tracker App? What is the Best Mobile Flight Tracker App?For tracking your flights on your Android smartphone or tablet, these are the apps you should check out.READ MORE

Track Your Flights With Messages

Let’s assume you have received a confirmation message from the airline you are going to traveling in. Or someone has sent you some flight information in a message. Here’s how you can quickly look up the flight information that covers the next 24 hours.

  1. Open Messages.
  2. Look up the flight information sent in an SMS message.
  3. If the Airline Name and Flight Number is mentioned in succession, then select and press (and hold) on the information or 3D Touch it. The Flight Tracker window is displayed with the flight information.

Alternatively, you can just type and send the airline name and flight number as a separate message. Then, press and hold on the message till the pop-up enables you to select the Preview Flight option.

This works with flight numbers mentioned anywhere else too, like Mail and Notes.

Track Your Flights With Safari in iOS 11

The latest iOS 11 update now allows you to track flight information with the help of Safari and Spotlight. iOS 11 taps into your flight information and displays it in a Spotlight widget.

Type the airline name and flight number into Safari’s address bar. The top suggestion will take you directly to a map where you can track the flight’s progress.

Flight tracking is a convenience we often don’t pay attention to. But, a quick search helps us plan our journey better and avoid little things like traffic on the roads and bigger things like a missed flight.

Do you use a flight tracker on your phone or a specific website? Has it helped you in everyday life?

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